A co-creation workshop: Students from Basseroles Primary School imagine how to improve their town!

Projects such as the “City of Children”  show how co-production of knowledge workshops involving children can lead to the acquisition of a fresh sensitivity and competence by city/town administrators and technicians.

In April 15th-18th we conducted two participatory workshops in Basseroles Elementary School. The objective of the workshops was to provide the opportunity for Sant Miquel de Balenya children to implement their ideas for improving their community. Through an experience of collective participation, primary school children developed real projects ideas to improve their home town, understanding and resolving situations that affect them. The whole process made them realize how their own ideas could improve the reality around them.

This activity was promoted by Ersilia Foundation (www.ersilia.org) with the aim of testing innovative teaching methods. The activity had the support and supervision of Basseroles school teachers, and the enthusiastic participation of 55 children. The group was composed by teachers and students from 3rd to 6th grade, around 55 people participated.