REBALANCE: New Mobility Cultures & Policies

REBALANCE brings together different voices, visionary thinkers from humanistic fields, mobility experts, stakeholders and European policy decision-makers, to create a fruitful knowledge-sharing hub to discuss future mobility policies.

As a cultural and political initiative, the REBALANCE overall aim is to conduct an open deliberative forward-looking exercise towards a transformative transport policy strategy in favour of a paradigm shift in mobility, pushing for the more effective adoption of cultural and social values not yet fully considered, better aligned with SDGs and mounting concerns about climate change. The critical review of the present also in the light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic which drastically affected our lifestyles, the vision over the future and the roadmap to achieve it, will be embedded in a Manifesto with the aim to stimulate European policymakers to adopt concrete legal and political measures while moving the wider European communities towards a radical change.

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MIND-SETS – Mobility Innovations for a New Dawn in Sustainable (European) Transport Systems, 2017

Client: European Commission, Horizon 2020 (H2020)

Partners: ISINNOVA – lead partner, VECTOS, VITO, EIP, TECHNION, University of Groningen, Pocket Marketing

The project provides a new approach to understanding mobility as part of the overall changing lifestyles of different population groups across Europe. A multi-disciplinary coordination of intelligence provides a strong platform for the reinterpretation of our understanding of the ‘mobility mind-sets’ of Europeans; based on engagement with other leading experts in the field in Europe. The approach will be validated against key behavioural issues facing mobility decision-makers: increasing automation, door to door seamless smart mobility, sustainable and energy efficient fuels and mobility and social inclusion.