Definition of impact indicators for the Adaptation to Climate Change Strategies in the evaluation of the LIFE CLINOMICS programme, 2018

Client: Diputación de Barcelona

The LIFE CLINOMICS project proposes new investment processes for public entities, especially municipalities, as well as private companies in certain representative sectors, in order to reduce their vulnerability and anticipate possible climate impacts, which can improve their competitiveness and increase employment in those sectors. LIFE CLINOMICS aims to increase the resilience to climate change of local Mediterranean entities through intervention in three territories (Terres de l’Ebre, Alt Penedès and Parc Natural del Montseny), and in different economic activities (tourism, fishing, agriculture and forestry sector). For its monitoring, a system of indicators is created to evaluate the impact of the project in the territory and in the target sectors, calculating the values for the base year, and one year after the implementation of actions.