Recommendations for Operations Control Centres and Operational Management and Monitoring Systems

Client: World Bank 

Partners: Concremat, Eurecat, TMB

We developed a knowledge base and obtained lessons and policy alternatives regarding digitalization and innovations applied to the Operations Control Centres (OCCs) and Operational Management and Monitoring Systems (OMMSs). We focused this project on analyzing particularly the barriers that avert the incorporation of a more efficient process of monitoring and managing the transport systems, and the best practices in cities that managed to integrate big data, machine learning processes and other innovative patterns into their transport planning and day-to-day operations.

Analysis of local economic development models and factors, Barcelona, 2016

Client: Barcelona Provincial Council

The AtlesDEL provides an overview of the development models and facilitate the adoption of strategies to the territories. It is constituted as a process of analysis, reflection and exchange of professionals for the conceptualization of Local Economic Development (LED) and the search for solutions to the challenges posed at the present time.

Monitoring system for the Colonial City of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic), 2015

Client: Dominican Republic Ministry of Tourism, Inter-American Development Bank

Partners: IBERGEO Consulting

The monitoring system of the Colonial City of Santo Domingo provides the necessary information for a sustainable management of the expected increased number of visitors and tourists in the coming years, enhancing the suitable integration of tourism activities into the city and contributing to urban renewal. It is therefore necessary determine upper limits of tourist affluence and implement optimized management processes.

Creation & Implementation of the Statistical Information System, El Salvador, 2018

Client: CORSATUR, Inter-American Development Bank


Develop a software for the CORSATUR Statistical Information System to provide information for decision-making processes in tourism policies focused on the areas of marketing, promotion and design of new tourism products and services, with the aim of strengthening the investment in the tourism sector of El Salvador. The project aims at the following specific objectives:

  1. That CORSATUR has a tourism information tool to monitor the establishment of investment parameters and tourism development to increase national and international tourism.
  2. That CORSATUR has a system of modules for the administration and management of tourism information for the processes of analysis and decision-making
  3. That CORSATUR has the tourist information required for the development of the Tourism Satellite Account (CST) under the parameters established by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Leading the design and develpment of the European and Macro-regional Territorial Monitoring Tool, 2020


Partners: Metis, Hypertech

The aim of this ESPON activity is to develop a practical and operational ESPON European and Macro-regional Territorial Monitoring Tool to continuously observe the development trends and patterns taking place in Europe, its macro-regions, regions and cities. The tool should support European, macro-regional, national and regional policy makers and other stakeholders with territorial information, data, maps, graphs, analytical features and short reports. By reading and interpreting the quantitative statistical information in the light of policy objectives and aims, the results of this activity shall help policy makers to monitor development trends and policy performance, identify development opportunities and territorial challenges, as well as better understand the diversity and position (benchmarking) of regions and cities in the heterogeneous European context.