Boosting the policy debate of the future Territorial Agenda post-2020, 2019


Partners: Spatial Foresight,European Policy Centre

The purpose of this ESPON Applied Research Activity is to respond to the policy demand and produce, through a substantial pan-European stakeholder dialogue, a Territorial Reference Framework for Europe to inform, catalyse and animate the upcoming policy debate on a Territorial Agenda post-2020. The Territorial Reference Framework shall be articulated through the two primary objectives of this Applied Research Activity, as follows:

  • Produce a long-term territorial development perspective for Europe in order to assist in informing and shaping the territorial dimension of post-2020 EU strategic policies and longer term cohesion goals; and,
  • Provide workable and realistic mid-term policy proposals for the integrated governance of Territorial Agenda post-2020, and strategic investment programmes in Europe’s territories, regions and cities, as a means towards the advancement of the long-term territorial development perspective.

Coordinating the New Road Development Plan 2018-2032 of Guatemala, 2018

Client: National Competitiveness Program – Ministry of Economy, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Partners: Gisystems

MCRIT is the coordinator of the new Road Development Plan 2018-2032 of Guatemala. The objective of this road development plan is  to identify a portfolio of short, medium and long-term projects in the transport sector with an intermodal approach that responds to the present and future needs of the economy, through scenario planning, which will allow the prioritization of investments, designs and studies of the country’s transportation system.

Designing the new sustainable development strategy of the Paraná State Coast, in Brazil, 2019

Client: Secretary of State for Planning and General Coordination – SEPL, The World Bank

Partners: Barcelona Brasil Group – Consortium leader, Quanta, Hídria

The objective of the Plan is to develop guidelines and strategic actions for the sustainable development of the Paraná Coast, respecting the peculiarities of each municipality and the environmental fragility of the region, protecting the natural, historical and cultural heritage, and guaranteeing the protagonism of local actors in the process of preparation and implementation of the Plan for the Sustainable Development of the Littoral of the State of Paraná.