Development of Sustainable Public Transport Plans in Saint Lucia and La Grenada, Caribbean Region

Client: Caribbean Development Bank

Partners: Insuco, Ilaco

We investigated the key issues affecting the quality and efficiency of road-based public transport services and recommended an action programme to improve the transport system in Saint Lucia and La Grenada. In addition, we proposed an appropriate institutional framework comprising legal, regulatory and policy measures and suggested measures to curb the increasing demand for private automobiles.

Need Assessment & Design of the Sewer System in Belo Jardim, Bezerros, Ceruaru, and Escada (Brazil)

Client: Companhia Pernambucana de Saneamento (COMPESA), Inter-American Development Bank

Mcrit is working on the need assessment & design of the sewer system of Belo Jardim, Bezerros, Ceruaru, and Escada, using the methodology of implementation of Condominial Exhaustion Systems.

The following services are provided:

  • Design the best alternative of exhaustion of each lot and block and the most efficient way of connection to the sewage collection network, discussed and agreed with the community;
  • Sensitize the participation of the beneficiaries in the processes of adhesion to the system to implement the system of exhaustion in each lot and block;
  • Adherence of 100% of the households located in the areas covered by the Projects to the Condominial Systems of Sanitary Exhaustion;
  • Orient the population to the proper use of the city’s sewage system, collaborating for its sustainability;
  • Update the Client database and the Compesa map database in the area covered by the Projects.

Master Plan for Mobility in the Valles Area, Barcelona Region, 2017

Client:, Department of Territory and Sustainability (Generalitat de Catalunya)

Partners: Esteyco, Lavola

The objective of the Specific Plan for mobility of the Vallès (PEMV) is the analysis of mobility to structure a competitive public transport system that is focused on the network of ‘Interurban buses and a contribution to the railway network (existing and planned), to the interchange system, and at the same time give guidelines on urban parking policies. This plan, as indicated by the PTMB, may, if necessary, complement the network of segregated bus trams or platforms as well as establish criteria for intervention in the road network that will serve as support for bus trips. In addition, this study will also be the subject of the necessary analyses to assess the opportunity, territorial integration and the improvement of the design and layout of the B-40 in the area between Terrassa and La Roca del Vallès; responding to the problems of local and global mobility in the Vallès area and taking into account the territorial, socioeconomic and environmental constraints and in the same framework of dynamisation and participation of the PEMV.

Technical assistance for the PMMU proposals, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, 2019

Client: Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)

The main objective is to provide technical assistance in the drafting of the PMMU proposals. On the other hand, the technical advice to the AMB for the definition and development of the proposals of the PMMU is also the objective of this project. In particular, this offer responds to the tender for the LOT 2. PUBLIC TRANSPORT. It includes the AMB Public Transport Service Plan.

Development of the road safety plan for the city of Blumenau, Brazil, 2018

Client: Blumenau City Council, Inter-American Development Bank

Partners: Concremat, Barcelona Brasil Group

The general guidelines for the configuration of the Road Safety Plan will be defined, including the indication of the sources and forms of data collection and information required, the details of the methodology for developing the road safety plan, the discussion for the definition of the tools to be used and passed on to the technical team of the Municipality, as well as the logistics. To carry out the necessary training so that technical team can use these resources in its planning and insertion activities in the Traffic Management System.

Master plan for the integrated passenger transport, Croatia, 2016

Client: County of Varazdin, European Regional Development Fund

Partners: GEKOM

The overall objective of the Master Plan is to identify problems and opportunities for improvement of the transport system and set up a framework of possible solutions. The master plan covers three counties – Varazdin, Medjimurje and Koprivnica – Krizevci – with each financing it with 5%. Together they have more than 400,000 inhabitants, 297 km of railway, 515 km of state roads, more than 1,100 km of county roads and nearly 1,300 km of local roads.