Technical assistance for the Design and Monitoring of the Urban Mobility Plan for Lima and Callao (PMU)

Client: Inter-American Development Bank

Location: Perú

The objective of the consultancy is to provide technical assistance to the ATU and the IDB, in the technical and management follow-up of the project “Urban Mobility Plan for Lima and Callao (PMU)”, through

a) The review of the products to be developed by the consulting company in charge of preparing the aforementioned Plan

b) Assist the ATU in the articulation of governance mechanisms, participatory management and review of the communication processes proposed by the consulting company that will develop the PMU.

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Vilafranca del Penedès

Clients: Diputación de Barcelona, Ayuntamiento de Vilafranca del Penedès

Partners: None

Our Urban Mobility Plan for Vilafranca del Penedès analysed different transport systems, evaluating people’s and  goods’ mobility. Based on this diagnose, we defined a set of actions that aimed to implant the most sustainable way of commuting (walking, biking and public transport), which benefitted the environment, as well as social cohesion and economic growth. In doing so, we secured a better life quality for the residents. 

We also carried out an environmental evaluation ir order to identify current emissions and project future emissions with the implementation of the Plan.

Development of strategic and sustainable transport and logistics infrastructure plan

Client: Federal government of Brazil

Partners: JM Souto, Ramboll, Imtraff, Iber-geo

We aimed to provide specialized technical services to improve the Government’s Road Concessions Program (PROCROFE) by building a strategic plan for the Program within 18 months. The plan should consider governance and management tools that facilitate the determination of measurable guidelines, objectives and targets, as well as the development of performance targets, allowing greater transparency for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of PROCROFE and the implementation of a risk management system.

Transport model for the Master Plan of Roads and Master Plan of the Bus network of Saudi Arabia

Client: Advanced Logistics Group SA (ALG)

Partners: None

We built a macroscopic model for road and public transport simulations in Visum within the framework of the Master Plan of Roads and Public Transport. By doing it, we simulated future growth scenarios of the socioeconomic variables of the country and of mobility, as well as planned infrastructure investments.

Collaboration in the new car-sharing service of Gerona

Client: Ajuntament de Girona

Partners: None

We carried out the dimensioning and drafting of part of a project put into practice to establish the service of a carsharing system in the city of Girona.

Development of Sustainable Public Transport Plans in Saint Lucia and La Grenada, Caribbean Region

Client: Caribbean Development Bank

Partners: Insuco, Ilaco

We investigated the key issues affecting the quality and efficiency of road-based public transport services and recommended an action programme to improve the transport system in Saint Lucia and La Grenada. In addition, we proposed an appropriate institutional framework comprising legal, regulatory and policy measures and suggested measures to curb the increasing demand for private automobiles.

Croatian National Transport Macro-simulation Model

Client: EY Croatia, Ministry of transportation of Croatia

Partners: None

We updated the National Transport Model of Croatia which was developed in 2016 as part of the Croatian Transport Development Strategy. This model is a really effective tool to reproduce the traffic’s behaviour of the transportation system in a current situation and to predict system performance. 

Land value capture study and site-level TOD plan for the Santa Catarina and Soledade rail stations

Client: Inter-American Development Bank

Partners: Urban Systems, Levisky Arquitetos, Ibergeo

We worked in a consultancy that aimed to conduct a study of the land value capture in order to fund our site-level Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) plan for the Santa Catarina and Soledade rail stations in the Northern Administrative Region of Natal.

Preparation of Disaster Risk Management Project for the SJL Urban Cable Car Project in Lima, Peru

Client: World Bank

Partners: CPS, Metro Medellín

We addressed issues related to the preparation of Disaster Risk Management (DRM) for the cable car, Non-Motorized Transport (NMT) and pedestrian infrastructure projects in the municipalities of San Juan de Lurigancho and La Independencia.

The main objectives were to report on international cable car good resilience practices in vulnerable areas (implementation and operation stages), develop a guideline for geophysical risk assessment for urban transport (especially the cable car project) and prepare emergency response and safety plan guidelines for public transport infrastructure in northern municipalities.