Master Plan for Road Network of Tarragona Province, 2013

Client: Provincial Council of Tarragona

The Master Plan for Road Network of Tarragona Province aims to define the local road network in the province of Tarragona, analysing in detail the ways that could be classified as local roads, defining quality standards required by local road network and assessing  the cost and scheduling that represent the investments throughout the term of the Plan and its viability using GIS.

Mobility Plan – Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, 2018

Client: Board of the Sagrada Familia

The temple of the Sagrada Familia is located at the intersection of Mallorca, Provença, Marina and Sardenya streets, in the centre of the Ensanche district. The temple generates a tourist attraction that has to coexist with the daily activity of the residents of the neighbourhood, a fact that generates conflict.

The objective of the EAMG is to define the necessary improvements in the transport offer to guarantee the viability of the Temple in the short and medium term within the framework of the forecasts of evolution of its urban environment, taking into account that the completion of the works of the building are planned for 2026.

Coordinating the New Road Development Plan 2018-2032 of Guatemala, 2018

Client: National Competitiveness Program – Ministry of Economy, Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Partners: Gisystems

MCRIT is the coordinator of the new Road Development Plan 2018-2032 of Guatemala. The objective of this road development plan is  to identify a portfolio of short, medium and long-term projects in the transport sector with an intermodal approach that responds to the present and future needs of the economy, through scenario planning, which will allow the prioritization of investments, designs and studies of the country’s transportation system.

Optimization & Consolidation of the Várzeas do Tietê Program, Brazil, 2018

Client: Department of Water and Electric Power of the State of São Paulo – DAEE, Inter-American Development Bank


Development of alternative studies for optimization and consolidation of the 1st Stage of the Várzeas do Tietê – PVT Program, in the municipalities of São Paulo and Guarulhos, under the responsibility of the DAEE. The studies include analysis, review of existing projects and, if necessary, new proposals for the tracing the São Paulo and Guarulhos Park and Bicycle paths, interconnections between the two routes and the urban layout of the municipalities involved and the insertion of support equipment in the light Conservation of existing floodplains and minimum resettlement. The studies should also present solutions to the housing issues resulting from the analyses, review of existing projects and new proposals for walking the park and cycle path.