Optimization & Consolidation of the Várzeas do Tietê Program, Brazil, 2018

Client: Department of Water and Electric Power of the State of São Paulo – DAEE, Inter-American Development Bank


Development of alternative studies for optimization and consolidation of the 1st Stage of the Várzeas do Tietê – PVT Program, in the municipalities of São Paulo and Guarulhos, under the responsibility of the DAEE. The studies include analysis, review of existing projects and, if necessary, new proposals for the tracing the São Paulo and Guarulhos Park and Bicycle paths, interconnections between the two routes and the urban layout of the municipalities involved and the insertion of support equipment in the light Conservation of existing floodplains and minimum resettlement. The studies should also present solutions to the housing issues resulting from the analyses, review of existing projects and new proposals for walking the park and cycle path.


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