Design and implementation of the National Tourism Information System, Dominican Republic & Santo Domingo, 2015

Client: Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, Inter-American Development Bank

Partners: IBERGEO Consulting / Meridiano Zero

The general objective of the program is to boost competitiveness in the Dominican tourism sector through diversification of the current tourism offerings in order to cater to high-spending demand segments, generate greater benefits for the local population, and reduce pressure on the coast. The specific objective is to increase the revenues and jobs generated by tourism in the Colonial City through the development of tourism products that have high competitive potential. To achieve these objectives, the program is organized into three components: (i) development of key tourism offerings; (ii) local integration in tourism development; and (iii) strengthening of tourism management. In this framework, the Component III: Strengthening of Tourism Management envisages the design and implementation of the national tourism information system to provide primary information to support MITUR decision-making and the definition of tourism policies of Dominican Republic, and specifically to Santo Domingo Colonial City.

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