Preparation of the Local Adaptation Plan for Climate Change in Sant Adrià del Besòs, Spain, 2019

Client: Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB)

The objectives of the Adaptation to Climate Change Plan are: a) To increase the adaptive capacity of sectors and / or systems of the municipality, through the proposal of actions that increase their resilience, and decrease the exposure of their infrastructures; b) Articulate a plan that allows integrating and coordinating sectoral local policies and plans to address the risks identified in the diagnosis process. The preparation of the Plan is based on a work process where the involvement of municipal technicians will be central. Work activities are proposed with municipal technicians during the diagnosis, for the identification of the risks and vulnerabilities, in the phase of preparation of proposals, in the consolidation phase of the roadmap for the development of the Plan, in the identification of the responsibilities of the different municipal areas and monitoring mechanisms and indicators.


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