Elaboration of the Plan and Draft of the Law for the Coastal Management Policy of the State of Sergipe, 2017

Client: Secretary of State for Tourism of the State of Sergipe – SETUR, Inter-American Development Bank


Elaboration, discussion and consolidation of the Coastal Management Plan, as well as the draft of the Law for the State Policy of Coastal Management of the State of Sergipe, including its regulatory guidelines. The proposed Coastal Management plan and policy is intended to have a state-wide scope, more directly covering the municipalities contained in the coastal zone, with important repercussions at the national level. The goals sought by the implementation of the plan and policy are, in general: to promote the sustainable development of marine and coastal areas; reduce the vulnerability of the Coastal Zone to natural hazards (such as flooding and erosion); and sustain essential ecological processes and their ecosystems, ensuring biological diversity in both the marine and coastal areas.

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