ESPON study ET2050 – Territorial Scenarios and Visions for Europe, 2014

Client: European Commission, ESPON 2013 Programme

Partners: Tersyn, Igeat ULB, RKK – MTA, POLIMI, International Organization for Migration- IOM, S&W, RIKS, Warsaw School of Economics, NORDREGIO, University of Thessaly, ISINNOVA, Fundación Ersilia

ESPON ET2050 aims at supporting policy makers in formulating a long-term integrated and coherent vision for the (smart, sustainable and inclusive) development of the EU territory and their Neighbour Regions. This aim is twofold: content-wise, a product, namely a vision for the European Territory, has to be developed; and process-wise, those who will elaborate this product, namely policy makers, have to be supported by sound scientific knowledge.  Through a participatory process open to policy makers, academic experts and social and economic stakeholders, ET2050 develops alternative territorial scenarios for Europe to support a consensus EU Territorial Vision, as well as having future real images, creative and viable. Supporting a common understanding and a perspective of a Europe “ideal” in 2050, to enable policy makers to be better prepared for the future.

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