Innovation Alliance in Circular Design (CiD)

Through the Ersilia Foundation, we are participating in the Innovation Alliance in Circular Design (CiD). This Erasmus+ Innovation Alliance project aims to bridge the gap in skills and knowledge within the architecture, urban design, and product/service design sectors. It offers a groundbreaking model that establishes a strong connection between design and circularity, thereby facilitating urban transformation. By aligning with the goals of the New European Bauhaus and merging creativity, arts, and technology for the Green Deal, CiD reimagines design within a circular economy framework. Since Mcrit’s commitment to education is expressed through the Ersilia Foundation, this time Ersilia is the project partner. Among its responsibilities in this project, Ersilia oversees the Bio-based Innovation Observatory, trains students in green, resilient skills, ensures quality assessment of educational programs, and leads sustainability and knowledge transfer efforts.

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