Master Plan for Mobility in the Valles Area, Barcelona Region, 2017

Client:, Department of Territory and Sustainability (Generalitat de Catalunya)

Partners: Esteyco, Lavola

The objective of the Specific Plan for mobility of the Vallès (PEMV) is the analysis of mobility to structure a competitive public transport system that is focused on the network of ‘Interurban buses and a contribution to the railway network (existing and planned), to the interchange system, and at the same time give guidelines on urban parking policies. This plan, as indicated by the PTMB, may, if necessary, complement the network of segregated bus trams or platforms as well as establish criteria for intervention in the road network that will serve as support for bus trips. In addition, this study will also be the subject of the necessary analyses to assess the opportunity, territorial integration and the improvement of the design and layout of the B-40 in the area between Terrassa and La Roca del Vallès; responding to the problems of local and global mobility in the Vallès area and taking into account the territorial, socioeconomic and environmental constraints and in the same framework of dynamisation and participation of the PEMV.

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