• Multicriteria Planning

    Our planning consultancy seeks to fulfil the needs of creative and liveable cities and regions. That’s why we develop plans and projects that take people needs, sustainability and resilience criteria.
    We assess the social, economic and environmental interest and the feasibility of public and private projects.

  • Glocal vision

    We are a planning consultancy with local attachment and global vocation. We take care of projects from our birth town, Barcelona to the rest of the world. We work from small municipalities to large multinational institutions, infrastructure managers and service operators.

  • Advanced Systems

    We adapt and take advantage of new information and communication technologies: Database management, Geographic Information Systems, Forecast and Foresight Systems, Macro and Micro-simulation.

  • Ersilia Foundation

    Mcrit’s commitment to innovation in education is expressed through Ersilia Foundation, which promotes a collaborative and deep learning culture to deal with global and urban challenges.

Our Sectors

Engaging Citizens

People are the foundation of our living spaces. Without them, they wouldn’t exist.
We believe in bringing public and private actors and citizens together in planning processes.

Research and Innovation

Mcrit collaborates on diverse projects that promote research and innovation through changes in education, businesses and policies. We believe that working together for interdisciplinary research and innovation is key to successfully beating new contemporary global urban challenges, which continuously become more complex and uncertain.

Our Team

The Mcrit team is built by many different people with many different specialities. Architects, geographers, engineers, economists, environmentalists, pedagogists, journalists and communication specialists joined in order to find and share different perspectives on our projects and reinforce our inter and multidisciplinary approach.

Ersilia is a private non-profit foundation devoted to promoting inter and transdisciplinary collaborative education in order to enhance our capacity to meet contemporary global urban challenges. Founded in 2004 my Mcrit, this foundation aims to foster our urban planning consultancy’s multicriteria methods through education.

One of the biggest projects of Ersilia Foundation, REBALANCE aims to conduct an open, deliberative, forward-looking conversation towards paradigm shift in mobility, pushing for the adoption of cultural and social values that are not yet fully considered and better aligned with SDGs and mounting concerns about climate change.