New Publication: Catalonia a Green Future, New Territoriality: Fertile Cities, Creative Fields

A “twentist” reflection between globalization and sustainability. This publication contains the presentations, conclusions and supplementary material from Catalunya Futur Verd, the second cycle of strategic conferences that the Ministry of Territory and Sustainability organised a few years ago. The first one, GlobalCat, addressed the territorial conditions for the internationalisation of Catalonia and its economy.
On this particular occasion, the reason for the conferences was to try to determine the foundations for the new economic growth of the country, this being understood as indivisible from the sustainable development of the region and the wellbeing of the citizens of Catalonia, regardless of whether they live in an urban or rural setting.
The impoverishment of rural areas of Catalonia by aesthetically inconsequential urban developments of arguable purpose are the result of old-fashioned models of regional development.
The time has come to achieve a new relationship between urban and rural settings, with the realisation that indiscriminate urban development must never encroach upon the rural environment in an attempt to replicate metropolitan patterns that are completely alien to this kind of setting.

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