Socio-Economic Assessment 

The aim of socio-economic assessment studies is to assess the general interest (the interest for the whole society) of a given project, usually a public investment or a new regulation. Socio-economic assessments can be carried by MCRIT cover a number of different appraisal methodologies, from cost-efficiency to cost-benefit analysis, as well multicriteria, more quantitative to more qualitative and participatory or deliberative processes. MCRIT has carried out socio-economic assessments for a variety of cases and clients, from the impact of deregulating air and maritime transport markets on Europe (European Parliament, 2014), to the environmental improvement of Ilha Grande, an island close to Rio de Janeiro or de social and economic impact of the North-South Railway project across Tocantins (Inter-American Development Bank, 2014).

Project Feasibility Assessment

Feasibility studies are conducted to determine the degree to which the design or location of a given project is acceptable from a social and environmental perspective (socioeconomic feasibility), or an eventual construction and operation can be financed and managed (financial feasibility) by the public and private institutions interested. MCRIT has participated in many feasibility studies, including the development of new methodologies for Cost-Benefit and Multicriteria assessment and applied them in a large number of cases, from transport infrastructure to other infrastructures and more in general public investments, integrating technical, financial and legal advise. MCRIT experience covers from feasibility studies related to regional airport or tramway concessions for local and regional institutions (e.g. Airport of Catalonia), to tolled motorways in the North of Africa and Latinoamerica (e.g. Abertis).

Environmental Assessment

Environmental assessment ensures that the environmental implications of decisions are taken into account before the decisions are made. Environmental assessment can be undertaken for individual projects, such as a dam, motorway, airport or factory, or for public plans or programmes, as strategic assessment. Consultation with the public is a key feature of environmental assessment procedures. MCRIT carried out on of the first implementation of Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment for the Transport Infrastructure Plan of Catalonia in 2007. Since then, MCRIT has carried out environmental assessments mostly in transport and spatial development projects; recently, MCRIT carried out in Brazil the design and assessment of the impact on Cearà (The World Bank, 2016)