Communication & Dissemination

We also develop and implement communication & dissemination strategies to promote the projects and its results to multiple audiences beyond the project’s own community.

Mcrit has been in charge of RELOCAL, Intrepid COST Action and ESPON 2050 communication & dissemination.

This includes:

  • Defining key objectives and describing the results you want to achieve
    through communication, dissemination and exploitation
  • Defining target audiences/users
  • Planning and executing concrete measures to meet the challenges of the project and expected impact
  • Defining and implementing a strategy for knowledge management and protection
  • Setting up dedicated work packages or tasks (i.e. allocate resources:
    time and money) for dedicated communication activities, dissemination
    and exploitation actions in addition to the actual scientific work plan
  • Employing a framework matrix tool to plan and oversee all related
    activities in a coherent manner