Transport, energy & other public services

Public transport services use to require a complex business management. They can be provided by either private or public companies, be more or less integrated by modes, at urban and metropolitan scales, operate under more or less clear market regulations and be integrated together with land-use plans. Because of the growing demand of services both in more and less developed cities, mid and long-term planning of public transport services plays a critical role on the design of future visions. The development of new technologies closely related to transport, notably in the energy and communication technologies is an opportunity to improve safety, quality and affordability.

Master Plan for Mobility in the Valles Area, Barcelona Region, 2017

Client:, Department of Territory and Sustainability…

Technical assistance for the PMMU proposals, Barcelona Metropolitan Area, 2019

Client: Metropolitan Area of Barcelona (AMB) The main objective…

Development of the road safety plan for the city of Blumenau, Brazil, 2018

Client: Blumenau City Council, Inter-American Development Bank Partners: Concremat,…

Master plan for the integrated passenger transport, Croatia, 2016

Client: County of Varazdin, European Regional Development Fund Partners: GEKOM The…