ACC10 is the public agency for the competitiveness of the Catalan companies, attached to the Department of Enterprise and Knowledge of the Government of Catalonia. Its objective is to promote the competitiveness and growth of the Catalan business fabric, through the promotion of innovation, business internationalization and the attraction of investments.

ACC10 accompanies the companies in its process of competitive differentiation and continuous search for new business opportunities. The agency is guiding Catalan companies so that they know their environment and can take advantage of the changes that take place, so that they enhance those elements that allow them to differentiate themselves and position themselves in an advantageous position in the face of future and global challenges.

With the intention of enhancing the competitiveness of the Catalan business network, ACC10 also advises companies in their search for financing, helps them grow through training programs and guides them on clusters, among other programs and support services. He is also responsible for attracting foreign investments in Catalonia, through the Catalonia Trade & Investment area. For its part, startups are also a priority for the public agency, not only for their disruptive projects that impact on the whole Catalan business fabric, but also because they are a source of innovation for larger companies. In short, ACC10 adapts to the whole reality of the Catalan business ecosystem and becomes the best companion for the business of the present and the future.