Transport Macro-simulation models

Macro-simulation systems allows a global traffic representation providing the possibility to simulate a large network and they are principally used to deal with the tactical problems of strategic planning. It simulates the demand in the transport network, vehicles in road infrastructures and travellers in public transport services. They allow to predict changes in travel patterns and in the use of the transport system as a response to the variation of transport supply (both public and private), to the urban developments contemplated and changes in the location of economic activities.

Croatian National Transport Macro-simulation Model

Client: EY Croatia, Ministry of transportation of Croatia Partners:…

Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Blumenau, Santa Caterina, Brazil 2017

Client: Blumenau City Council, Inter-American Development Bank Partners: Concremat,…

SIMCAT – Forecast Model for the Transport System of Catalonia, 2012

Client: Regional Government of Catalonia SIMCAT (System and…