Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Blumenau, Santa Caterina, Brazil 2017

Client: Blumenau City Council, Inter-American Development Bank

Partners: Concremat, Barcelona Brasil Group

The overall objective is to improve urban space and sustainable mobility of Blumenau. The specific objectives are: (i) increase the efficiency of traffic system; (ii) development of a balanced and sustainable city level parking policy and management plan (iii) increase access to green areas and social services; (iv) improving safety and security in all modes of transport and reducing the number of accidents; (v) reducing air and noise pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption; (vi); contributing to enhancing the attractiveness and quality of the urban environment and urban design; (vii) improving the resilience of transport networks to extreme weather and natural events; (viii) developing non-motorized vehicle and intermodal transport networks; and (iiix) improve the management of the Municipality transport information system.

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