Valencian Urban Agenda

Client: Government of Valencia

Location: Spain

The objective of a process of strategic reflection is basically to expand the area of ​​influence that can have the society of a territory in everything that concerns it, both in relation to politics public, such as municipal technical and administrative management. That is, to enable a process of citizen participation based on common values ​​and interests in the medium and long term, rather than on short-term particular positions; although positions on policies and ongoing projects they are unavoidable, and must be present in the works. Strategic planning is intended to help govern uncertainty by developing, with general perspective of about ten years, a vision and a series of projects and actions over short term built from the coordination of interests and the free will of the actors social and institutional involved. As important as the final content of the document strategic is the quality of the process that has given rise to it, in terms of participation citizen and institutional involvement.